XUV IR pump probe experiments


XUV / IR – Pulse Delay Unit


Our pulse delay unit K2 is a handy tool to design your pump-probe experimental setup. It uses our XUV/soft X-ray multilayer double mirrors and the coating can be customized for the specific center energy and bandwidth needed.

The two-segment mirror focuses IR pulses and lower divergent XUV/soft X-ray pulses onto a common focus with a precisely adjustable time delay. This enables time resolved experiments either with the XUV/soft X-ray pulse pumping the system and the IR pulse probing it, or vice versa. With attosecond pulses generated in the XUV/soft X-ray range by High-Harmonic Generation (HHG), K2 offers the highest temporal resolution for your experiments.

Key Product Features

  • Temporal resolution: 3 as
  • Scan range: 300 fs
  • Adjustment with 5 degrees of freedom
  • Customized energy range and bandwidth
  • Vacuum compatibility: < 10-6 mbar (UHV on request)
  • Travel range actuator: ≈100 μm (software limits the range from 0-95 μm)
  • Resolution actuator: 2 nm
  • Travel range: 25 mm
  • Step size: <  30 nm


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